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Choosing to repair rather than replace broken or malfunctioning hardware can save you more than $25,000 over your lifetime.

That's some serious cash.
Start saving now.

Computer Repair

Mike's Computer Repair provides premier computer support to users in Kittanning & Pittsburgh as well as the surrounding areas.

With the need of telework more prevalent than ever, support should be readily available. Whether it's as simple as installing a new PC or something a bit more time consuming, such as, installing applications, & troublshooting VPN connectivity. Mike's Computer Repair will worth with you and other support if needed to get the problem resolved quickly and efficiently.

If you are unsure which services you need, give me a call at 724-954-0007 for a free consultation!

Understanding Hard Drive Failure: Causes and Remedies

Dive into the world of hard drives, understand why they fail, and explore the steps you can take to potentially recover your lost data. With a blend of expert knowledge and easy-to-grasp explanations, this post is your guide to becoming more tech-savvy.
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Top 5 Physical Computer Repair Issues in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Discover the top five physical computer repair challenges that users often encounter in the greater Pittsburgh area. Learn more about these issues and how the team at Mike's Computer Repair can provide effective solutions.
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Resolving Random Shutdowns: A Real-Life Computer Repair Case Study in East Brady, PA

Learn how Mike's Computer Repair resolved a complex issue of random shutdowns for a customer in East Brady, PA, by updating drivers, cleaning components, and applying thermal paste.
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Common Computer Issues and How Mike's Computer Repair Can Help

Explore common computer issues faced by users in Armstrong, Allegheny, and Butler Counties, and learn how Mike's Computer Repair in Kittanning, PA, can provide expert solutions to these problems.
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Did you know... ?
The typical home computer user wastes an average of 8 hours every month as a result of slow, unoptimized devices. For many, that number is even higher.

That's 4 DAYS a year.
Reclaim your life.
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User Education

Get the most out of your computing experience.

We can show you how to speed up your devices, optimize your workflow, and avoid wasting precious time and resources.

How to Spot and Avoid Phishing Attacks: Protecting Your Digital Identity

Learn how to identify and avoid phishing attacks, the common lures cybercriminals use, and the key indicators to watch out for. Safeguard your digital identity with expert tips and stay one step ahead of cyber threats.
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The Basics of Computer Maintenance: An Entry-Level Guide to Keeping Your Computer Running Smoothly

Discover the fundamentals of computer maintenance to keep your computer running smoothly. Learn about the four types of maintenance, their importance, and how Mike's Computer Repair can assist you in this process.
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Securing Your Home Network: A Comprehensive Guide

This post dives deep into the best practices for securing your home network. We cover nine critical steps: changing the router's admin credentials, altering the network name, hiding the network, strengthening WiFi encryption, turning off Plug 'n Play, disabling remote management, limiting WPS, keeping router firmware up-to-date, and activating the firewall.
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Resolving Common Software Challenges in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Troubleshooting software issues can be a daunting task. Explore some common software problems and their potential solutions, and learn how Mike's Computer Repair can help you overcome these challenges.
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Comprehensive Guide to Common Computer Problems in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Explore a wide range of common computer issues faced by individuals and businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Discover how Mike's Computer Repair can provide solutions to these challenges.
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Boosting Your Computer's Performance with Mike's Computer Repair

Learn how to improve your computer's performance in Armstrong, Allegheny, and Butler Counties with expert tips from Mike's Computer Repair in Kittanning, PA, and how we can help optimize your system.
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The Importance of Keeping Your Computer Clean: Tips from Mike's Computer Repair

Learn why keeping your computer clean is crucial for optimal performance and longevity, and discover tips from Mike's Computer Repair to maintain cleanliness in Armstrong, Allegheny, and Butler Counties.
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Troubleshooting Common Computer Issues in Armstrong, Allegheny, and Butler Counties

Learn how to diagnose and troubleshoot common computer issues like slow performance, hardware failures, and network problems in Armstrong, Allegheny, and Butler Counties.
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Stay Safe Online: Surfing the Web Securely with DoH

Learn how to improve your online security by enabling DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in your browser or operating system, and discover why it's essential for a safer internet experience.
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Strengthening Your Passwords and Enhancing Account Security in Armstrong, Allegheny, and Butler Counties

In this blog post, we discuss the importance of password security and how to protect your accounts from hacking. We cover securing email accounts, using multi-factor authentication, and choosing strong passwords. We also discuss the benefits of password managers and why you should avoid saving passwords in your browser.
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Did you know... ?
An unsecured or dated internal network means that any and all illegal activities taking place on that network are the responsibility of the business.

That's a scary thought.
Let's minimize your liabilities.

Business Services

Keep your office humming - not raging.

Whether you are looking to harmonize an internal network that has grown out of control, or just block access to Clash of Clans, I can help you build and maintain an efficient machine network that will stay out of your way while simultaneously protecting you from Bad Actors.

The Importance of Backups: Safeguarding Your Business Data

Discover the critical importance of data backups for businesses and learn about the advantages, disadvantages, and key factors to consider when implementing an effective backup strategy.
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Enhancing Your Business Network Administration in the Greater Pittsburgh Area: Overcoming Common Challenges

Explore common challenges in business network administration and discover innovative software solutions available for businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Empower your business with the right knowledge and tools to thrive in a digital world.
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IT Challenges for Medium to Large Businesses in the Greater Pittsburgh Area

Explore common IT challenges faced by medium to large businesses in the greater Pittsburgh area and discover how Mike's Computer Repair can provide tailored solutions to meet your organization's unique needs.
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The Importance of Regular Computer Maintenance for Your Business

Discover how regular computer maintenance can save your business time and money in the long run, and learn about key tasks like data backup, software updates, and hardware checks.
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