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My name is Mike.
I repair computers.
I educate users.
I manage networks for businesses.

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Did you know... ?
Choosing to repair rather than replace broken or malfunctioning hardware can save you more than $25,000 over your lifetime.

That's some serious cash.
Start saving now.

Computer Repair

Mike's Computer Repair provides premier computer support to users in Kittanning & Pittsburgh as well as the surrounding areas.

With the need of telework more prevalent than ever, support should be readily available. Whether it's as simple as installing a new PC or something a bit more time consuming, such as, installing applications, & troublshooting VPN connectivity. Mike's Computer Repair will worth with you and other support if needed to get the problem resolved quickly and efficiently.

If you are unsure which services you need, give me a call at 724-954-0007 for a free consultation!
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Did you know... ?
The typical home computer user wastes an average of 8 hours every month as a result of slow, unoptimized devices. For many, that number is even higher.

That's 4 DAYS a year.
Reclaim your life.
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User Education

Get the most out of your computing experience.

We can show you how to speed up your devices, optimize your workflow, and avoid wasting precious time and resources.

Did you know... ?
An unsecured or dated internal network means that any and all illegal activities taking place on that network are the responsibility of the business.

That's a scary thought.
Let's minimize your liabilities.

Business Services

Keep your office humming - not raging.

Whether you are looking to harmonize an internal network that has grown out of control, or just block access to Clash of Clans, I can help you build and maintain an efficient machine network that will stay out of your way while simultaneously protecting you from Bad Actors.

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what happens next.
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