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Strengthening Your Passwords and Enhancing Account Security in Armstrong, Allegheny, and Butler Counties

In this blog post, we discuss the importance of password security and how to protect your accounts from hacking. We cover securing email accounts, using multi-factor authentication, and choosing strong passwords. We also discuss the benefits of password managers and why you should avoid saving passwords in your browser.

As a tech expert at Mike's Computer Repair in Kittanning, PA, I have recently seen a surge of customers from S&T Bank in Ford City experiencing account hacking. Everything from bank and credit card accounts to social media and retailer accounts, like Walmart or Amazon, has been affected. While each customer's situation may vary, the result is usually the same – all account passwords need to be changed.

Securing Your Email Account

Before working on other accounts, it's crucial to ensure your email account is secure. This is because most verification emails from companies go to the email address you registered with them. If your email account has been compromised, hackers might forward your emails to themselves or delete incoming mail.

To help you navigate this process, we offer guidance, assistance, or even take over the process entirely at Mike's Computer Repair. Our priority is to secure your email account and then change passwords on other accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

For every account where you change your password, make sure to enable MFA or 2FA if the account supports it. MFA and 2FA provide an additional layer of security by requiring more than just a password to access your account. This could be a fingerprint, a text message code, or an authenticator app code.

Creating Strong Passwords

There are differing opinions on the best approach to creating strong passwords. Some IT professionals advocate for randomized characters, while others prefer passphrases. At Mike's Computer Repair, we believe passphrases work best as they can be secure and possibly easier to remember.

To create a passphrase, think of a combination of words, numbers, and symbols that are meaningful to you but hard for others to guess. There are also free password generators available online to help you create strong passwords.

A strong passphrase is an essential line of defense for your online accounts.

The Benefits of Password Managers

For those who need help keeping track of their passwords digitally, we recommend using a password manager. These tools store your passwords securely and can even generate strong, unique passwords for you.

Why You Should Avoid Saving Passwords in Your Browser

Saving passwords in your browser might seem convenient, but it can be risky. If your computer is infected with a virus or malware configured to retrieve passwords, your accounts could be compromised. Instead, use a password manager or other secure methods to store your passwords.

In conclusion, strengthening your passwords and enhancing account security is essential for protecting your accounts from hacking. If you need assistance with securing your accounts or have any questions about password security, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Mike's Computer Repair in Kittanning, PA. We proudly serve customers throughout Armstrong, Allegheny, and Butler Counties in Pennsylvania.

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