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Resolving Random Shutdowns: A Real-Life Computer Repair Case Study in East Brady, PA

Learn how Mike's Computer Repair resolved a complex issue of random shutdowns for a customer in East Brady, PA, by updating drivers, cleaning components, and applying thermal paste.

Introduction: A Troublesome Shutdown Issue in East Brady, PA

In this real-life case study, we'll share how Mike's Computer Repair successfully resolved a complex issue for a customer in East Brady, PA. The client was experiencing random shutdowns with their Asus GL10CS-DB762 desktop computer, which can be both frustrating and disruptive.

Identifying the Problem: Video Driver and BIOS Update

The first step in addressing the issue was to identify the root cause. Our team at Mike's Computer Repair discovered that the problem was related to the video driver of the NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti graphics card and the computer's BIOS. Updating both the BIOS and video drivers is essential for maintaining optimal system performance and resolving compatibility issues.

Addressing the Environmental Factor: A Smoking Household

Another important factor in this case was that the computer was located in a smoking household. The buildup of smoke and dust particles can clog cooling components and lead to overheating, which can cause random shutdowns.

The Multi-Step Solution: Cleaning, Updating, and Stress Testing

To resolve the issue, our team at Mike's Computer Repair implemented a multi-step solution:

  1. Updating the BIOS and video driver to ensure optimal system performance and compatibility.
  2. Performing a thorough PC cleaning, including removing all components from the tower and using an air compressor to blow off dust and debris.
  3. Reapplying thermal paste to the CPU and GPU after removing the heatsinks and fans. This helps to improve heat transfer and cooling efficiency, preventing overheating and shutdowns.
  4. Reassembling the computer and using PC Doctor to stress test the CPU, verifying temperature stability with HWInfo.

After completing these steps, the computer's temperatures were in a much better range, and the system was more stable, with no more random shutdowns.

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